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Explain that we had a past knowledge in the logistics service based on the chairman letter which will be that our CEO is a man who has high knowledge in the logistics services as his starting was in this career from several years which gave him a good vision in handling and dealing with all cases especially the critical cases.
As he started as the Owner and the Managing director of Freight professional co. working in the field of logistics since 1996 contributes to the overall performance of the firm by managing current client relationships and programs generating new Work business, recruiting, developing and growing staff.
With our professional team by putting your operational needs in our hands!
•Trained technicians and high-experienced administration:
Our highly trained personnel have experience in all areas of third party logistics (3PL). We provide public and contract warehousing to all types of industries, Our focus on technology allows us to improve your supply chain through reduced costs, improved visibility of your inventory, greater inventory accuracy and more flexibility to support your changing needs.
Our professional team assists with warehouse storage and/or distribution services. As part of the process we will strip, palletize, and distribute your product while maintaining a competitive cost structure.
Our objective is to continually demonstrate and deliver to our customers the benefits of a 3PL company. Some of these benefits include:
• cost savings through economy of scale
• establishing a local or regional presence
• Implementing best practices throughout your supply chain.
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Address: 37 Mostafa El Nahas st., Nasr city ,Cairo ,Egypt ,
P.O.Box: 7625 ,Nasr City 11762.
Tel.:+202 2671 7507
Fax: +202 2671 7508
Mobile: +20 12 11 11 235
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